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    So…I can’t seem to do anything with this theme

    1. Is it possible it isn’t compatible with WordPress 4.6?

    2. The menu isn’t opening on hover, as I selected.

    3. Can’t create a portfolio…with plugin do I have to use to create a Portfolio Masonry 4 columns?

    4. The slides I created with Revolution Slider don’t work in HomePage ( I inserted the code in the Home page, and it’s all black although I have 9 slides in that slider.


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    Support Team 1

    1. Theme is not fully tested with WP 4.6. But current result shows that they are compatible.
    2. Sorry, but it is bug, it will be fixed in next update.
    3. What plugin are you going to use for portfolio creation? You should create portfolio via menu Portfolio -> Add Portfolio and add images and other additional information via Portfolio Settings section
    Then you can use your portfolios on pages such as Gallery/Portfolio Home Page, GGT Responsive Slider, Hover Home Page etc.
    4. I answered about slider here

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      So it seems impossible for me to create the Portfolio. I’ve tried everything!!

      I need to create a page called portfolio, and inside it, have 4/5 Portfolios. I’m going for Portfolio Masonry 4 Columns.

      These are the steps I made:

      1. Go to Portfolio – Add Portfolio – Name the Project – Project Type: Image
      2. I don’t have any option to select the photos I want. I inserted them in the second tab “Gallery” but it doesn’t work.
      3. I create a Page named Portfolio – I select the template of the page: Metro/ Masonry Portfolio Page.
      4. I select from the list “Portfolio1” – the one I created under “Portfolio”
      5. What I see: the page is loading, i can see the Portfolio, but when I open it to see the photos I get “Page not found”.

      Why? What is it that I’m not doing or doing wrong?

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    Support Team 1

    What does mean “second tab “Gallery” oesn’t work”? Did you add photos or not?
    You should click this button on tab “Gallery” and then choose photos from your media library.
    The page template Metro/ Masonry Portfolio Page displays many portfolios of one or several categories.
    You should add Featured image for every Portfolio in order it will be visible on the page.

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      Yes, this is exactly what I did.

      I create the page oncluding the portfolio I created (wich has a featured image).

      I open the page, I see the Portfolio, I click on it to open it and see the photos inside and nothing happens…it says ” Page Not Found”.

      Same thing when I try to create a page with galleries instead of Portfolio.

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    Support Team 1

    Could you provide me with link to your live page? Also the access to wp admin will be appreciated, in order I could check your site.

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    Support Team 1

    The required plugins were inactive
    I installed and activated them.
    Please check your page. It works well.

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