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    I have a question about the team member page.
    I would like a link to a page, when I click on the name or picture of the team member.
    On the demo site is also clickable.
    I added a screenshot with what I mean.


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    Support Team 4

    I need check it. I’ll write.

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    Support Team 4

    Write me, how you make this page? Better, give me link to this page.

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    Support Team 4

    Ok, but why you can’t use team members section (on demo site used this section)?
    You can add new members to this sections via wp-admin menu => Team Members. In Theme Options this tab “About Us”.

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    Support Team 4

    Also I can propose to you modify our shortcode. For this:
    1. Go to directory /wp-content/themes/oceanplaza/includes/tinymce/.
    2. Edit file customcodes.js. In file replace name="John Doe" to name="John Doe" namelink="".
    3. Edit file shortcodes.php. In file replace code $html .= '<div class="person-author-wrapper"><h5 class="person-name">' . $atts['name'] . '</h5>'; to this code:

    	if (!empty($atts['namelink'])) {
    		$html .= '<div class="person-author-wrapper"><h5 class="person-name"><a href="' . $atts['namelink'] .' ">'. $atts['name'] . '</a></h5>';
    		} else {
    			$html .= '<div class="person-author-wrapper"><h5 class="person-name">' . $atts['name'] . '</h5>';

    4. Now again insert shortcode and write link as http://....

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