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    First the site is very butiful, as you can see

    but I have some problem with the mobile display.
    1. The logo going down
    2. We cannot scrolling the images with the hand tuch, only with arrows
    3. The images in the galley are cut

    I hope that you can halp me.
    Thank you!!

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    Support Team 1

    Hello, dasi! Sorry for delay with answer. We found your topic in spam 🙁
    1. I see logo on your site on Android phone. So, I need more information about your device, OS, browser.
    2. It isn’t something that’s currently possible, but I’ll go ahead and add it to the official request list on your behalf so it can get reviewed for a future update by our development team.
    3. I need link to this gallery.

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    1. The problems are in mobile
    As you can see, the image cut in the top and the bottom, only in the mobile
    The display in PC is very magnificent

    Thank about the help!!!

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    Support Team 1

    Hello, dasi!
    I am so sorry for delay with answer.
    I found your reply in spam. 🙁
    It is your gallery page on my mobile I do not think that photos are cutted.
    As to logo, can you provide us with access to wp-admin. I want to check custom css code, maybe it causes this problem.

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