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    Hello! I bought Parasponsive Corporate 3.0.

    I’m having trouble with the theme settings.
    PORTFOLIO Gallery – photos are stretched to fill the screen, if the settings “Portfolio global -> Customize popup width? = OFF “. Size of photos does not affect on it. (200px or 1000px).

    If “Portfolio global -> Customize popup width? = ON”, the size of photos is limited only horizontal, horizontaly taken photo is smaller then verticaly taken.

    In all cases, there is no scroll buttons pictures. You can scroll only by the mouse, but the photos are closed immediately.

    Help me please)))


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    WordPress 4.4.3

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    Support Team 1

    Hello, Kristina!
    Sorry for delay with answer!
    Pay your attention!! Support forum changes its work schedule from 1 May 2016. Our support team will be online on Monday-Friday from 9am till 6pm (UTC +03:00).
    Due to change the work schedule of support forum all customers’ requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Be patient, please! Time of answer can take a few hours in business day. Thank you for understanding!
    The default width of popup is 1200 px.
    You can change it via menu “Portfolio global -> Customize popup width? = ON”.
    The issue with arrows is a bug of this theme version.
    I want to propose you a temporary solution. Add this css code to the bottom of style.css (go to menu Appearance-> Editor)

    #portfolio_box .owl-prev, #portfolio_box .owl-next {
        display: inline !important;
        color: black;
        top: 50%;
        position: absolute;
        background: white;
        visibility: inherit;
    #portfolio_box .owl-next {
    right: 0;
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      Thank you! button will appear. When the wait for the update template?
      Maybe somehow it is possible adjust to the image displayed in its original size, without stretching on 1200px and without restrictions on width?

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    Support Team 1

    Hello, Kristina! Sorry, but I can’t say exactly when the update will be ready. Follow us on themeforest in order to receive notification about new release of theme.
    You can try to add this css to the bottom of style.css (go to menu Appearance -> Editor)in order to display original size image

    #portfolio_box .owl-item img {
        width: auto;

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