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Updating Theme

1. Make a backup of your personal settings in “Theme Options> Backup Options” (for Parasponsive, Ocean Plaza, Cobra, Case and SwagMoment, etc) or in “Customize> Reset/Restore Settings” (for Pure, SignUp, Picasso). You should copy the code in a separate file and save it

2. We recommend to install the free plugin “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

3. Go to the “Appearance> Themes” and click “Add new”

4. Click on the tab “Upload”, then select the file with the template below need to be sure to select “YES” and click “Install now” 

5. Activate the theme

6. Now you need to activate all the plugins that uses the template

7. Now you need to again activate the menu and widgets (they are preserved, they just need to activate)

8. Necessary to once again choose the home page, go to “Setting > Reading” and select your homepage.

9. Now go to “Theme Options> Backup Options” and replace this code to your that you saved. Save the settings.

NB! If you have custom css/php/js code in current theme version, you should add it to new theme version too.